Cruisin’ Grand – Classic Cars – Escondido CA

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I had heard about Cruisin’ Grand for several years yet had never went to see what it was all about.  That is until a couple weeks ago.  We loaded up at 4pm in south Orange County, hopped on the I5 south and proceeded to Escondido.  Although with the fun southern California traffic it took us two hours to go the 60 miles it was well worth it.  This event takes place every Friday night from April through September and features many classic cars.  For any car buff this is eye candy.  From a Shelby Corbra signed by Carroll Shelby himself, to woody’s and many other classics, vintage, and hot rods.  To my surprise there was even a Pinto – bringing back memories of my first car, albiet this was, with its suped up engine was much more responsive then mine.  Its a great evening to look at these cars, talk to the owners, and enjoy an evening out in this beautiful weather.

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