is this the new volkswagen microbus ?

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In the spring of 1947 Ben Pon, the Dutch importer of Volkswagen, on a visit to the factories in Wolfsburg, he saw a curious cart set up to transport heavy materials from one factory to another department. This "vision" she flashed the idea of ​​proposing to house the production of a commercial vehicle. A short time later he sketched on a notepad, a sketch for management approval of Volkswagen. From that sketch thanks to the skills of engineers and technicians with a great spirit of improvisation, was born the project Typ 2 on the basis of the Beetle (the mechanical one produced by the House at the time), which was marketed in 1950 with the name and Transporter T1 with it a legend, destined to mark an epoch. How to make payments worldwide.

The T1 Revival Concept pays homage to the first series of Volkswagen commercial vehicles, designed on the platform of the Transporter T6 with a wheelbase extended by 7cm. the references to the original model are obvious, but the new concept does not want to copy the forms of T1 over 65 years ago, rather than trying to capture his unique personality translating it into a contemporary language: contoured surfaces, rounded corners, round headlights, chrome details and two-tone finishes.

The interior is a combination of modern technology and evocative elements. The dashboard incorporates the exterior color of the car, creating a stylistic connection even with the Beetle today. The ventilation vents in the center of the dashboard is a direct quote from the past, very similar to those of the original T1. Chrome door handles and seat design give a retro touch to the passenger.
The external dimensions are: length 4848mm, width 1983mm, height 1905mm, 3070mm Pass.

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