Meet The “Surf Seeker”: This Custom Bus Looks Like It Came Straight Out Of A Cartoon

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A cartoon come-to-life, this custom bus is what every kid-at-heart dreams of.

It was made to resemble a Volkswagen, but the creator actually only used front and rear suspension parts from a 1965 Type 2 bus, while the rest was made out of steel. Take a look!

Meet the “Surf Seeker”.

This whimsical build was created by Ron Berry, a retired resident of Salt Lake City, Utah.

To get inside, the bus has a unique side-opening hatch that peels away the front end.

It’s equipped with 23 windows, huge 24-inch chrome wheels, and a license plate that reads “COOLISH”.

The bus sports an air-cooled, flat-four engine with a supercharger that can get about 200 hp. You can see it here fully exposed in the back:

Ron described the entire process – from his original cartoon drawing to the real life vehicle – in these eight steps:

He hand-built the entire thing from steel, and with help from local Utah company SKJ Customs, the molding and trim were constructed of fiber glass, and then chrome plated. The wheelie bars, side windows, and sunroof are all motorized.

The result? A sweet custom ride that looks like it came right out of the Disney movie Cars:

This short, 2:18-minute clip will give you a closer look inside the Surf Seeker

Or if you’d like to learn more, you can also check out the bus and see Ron himself in this episode of “My Classic Car”:

Isn’t this cartoon-inspired build amazing? Could you see yourself driving it?

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