Volkswagen Bus

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Originally the brainchild of Dutchman Ben Pon; VW introduced the First "Type II" in 1949 (the Type l was the Beetle) and it was named the Bulli (meaning "Workhorse").

The Microbus was born in 1950 with two-tone paint and a big cast aluminium 'VW' logo on the front and rear. Affectionately known as "Splitties" (due to the split windscreen) the VW Bus was a vehicle with great character.
Able to carry eight people or a 15-hand horse, it's regarded by enthusiasts as the zenith of Type II production and was produced for 18 years with many developments and variations.
(source: artofmotoring).

cutaway 1
(source: vintagebus)
cutaway 2
(source: vintagebus)
vw brochure 1
Business brochure, cover (source: vintagebus).
67 bus owners manuals
1967 "Instruction Manual" and "Instruction and Maintance Manual".

vw brochure 2
Business brochure, inside page diagrams. (source: vintagebus).
Stamps from the Republique Du Dahomey featuring the Volkswagen Bus.
vw bus 59
1959 Volkswagen Bus ad. (source: Plan 59).
eng 3
Volkswagen Bus engine cut-away. (source: vintagebus)
eng 2
Volkswagen Bus engine cut-away. (source: vintagebus)
eng 1
 Volkswagen Bus engine cut-away. (source: vintagebus)
vw emblem3

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