A New VW ‘Surf Bus’ Has Been Unveiled

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The VW campervan is a staple of both surf culture and bohemian lifestyles in general. For years Volkswagen’s surf bus carried boards to the coast and hippies to their fields, the “Bus” became the symbol of 1960s counterculture.

Since the original VW campers were discontinued, it has become more and more expensive to buy a genuine version of the motor, so they have begun to only be seen accompanying older, wealthier people.

Now, the Volkswagen is back with a new bus, but it looks very different than it ever has before….

The new VW Campervan is not only a fully electric engine, it is also self driving, not exactly the unassuming little van it once was.

The bus, which can drive unto 270 miles between each charge, still has some nods to its boho past, along with its low carbon footprint it also features ambient lighting, but also has some pretty high tech aspect to boot. The self driving van has seats that can turn to face each other in the rear of the vehicle to create a moving living room.

Pretty fancy, ey?

After Volkswagen’s shady past of lying to its customers about the environmental damage its vehicles can cause and attempting to cheat government emissions tests around the world, we appreciate the company’s attempt to be more green.

Sure the bus doesnt look as cool anymore, but if it is good for the planet, we’ll give it a chance, as long as one thing hasn’t changed…

Does it still have room to stick a surfboard out of the top?

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